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At Veritas, we have built a robust ecosystem of technology partners to help solve your most critical data management challenges. From ensuring always-on availability, to neutralizing the impact of cyber attacks, to simplifying data governance and compliance, we are continuously collaborating on better ways to safeguard and optimize your data and applications.


AWS and Veritas seamlessly integrate for superior cloud data management, ensuring reliability and scalability.


Backblaze and Veritas collaborate to deliver streamlined data protection and management for enhanced efficiency.

Beijing XSKY

Beijing XSKY and Veritas work together to elevate storage and protection for efficient, comprehensive data management.


Cloudian HyperStore with Veritas NetBackup and Enterprise Vault provides a backup and archive vault storage solution.


DataCore Swarm S3 object storage complements NetBackup for cost-efficient, streamlined backup, protection, and recovery.

Dell Technologies

Dell Elastic Cloud and Veritas collaborate to seamlessly unite cloud and data management to improve efficiency.


ExaGrid and Veritas combine backup solutions to optimize data protection and management efficiency.


FalconStor and Veritas unify storage solutions for enhanced data protection and efficient management.

Hitachi Vantara

The Hitachi Content Platform and Veritas Enterprise Vault provide advanced archiving capabilities, plus compliance and discovery.


HPE and Veritas work together to unify solutions for enhanced storage, protection, and data management.


Infinidat InfiniBox and Veritas InfoScale amplify storage and protection for superior, unified data management.


iTernity iCAS integrates with Veritas to unify storage and protection for efficient, compliant data management.

Microsoft Azure

Azure and Veritas elevate cloud data management with unmatched security, efficiency, and scalability.


NEC storage integrated with Veritas NetBackup ensure highly reliable and efficient backup and archiving solutions.


NetApp AFF and FAS products integrate with Veritas to streamline management for high-performance, secure storage.


Nutanix and Veritas provide hyperconverged data management to simplify infrastructure control, protection, and efficiency.

Pure Storage

Pure Storage and Veritas enhance FlashArray and FlashBlade storage management with robust data protection.


Quantum ActiveScale with Veritas combines limitless storage with robust data management for comprehensive control.

Quest SW

Quest Software and Veritas streamline solutions for optimized data governance and protection.


Qumulo and Veritas collaborate to elevate storage management and data protection for superior efficiency.

Red Hat

Red Hat and Veritas provide integration with Ceph and OpenShift for robust storage and data management efficiency.

Seagate Lyve Cloud

Seagate Lyve Cloud and Veritas combine cloud storage and protection for optimized data management.


Scality and Veritas work together to unite storage and protection for enhanced efficiency and resilience.

Sonio AG (formerly Infoniqa SQL AG)

Sonio SWISS3CLOUD and Veritas unify data management, hybrid cloud, and digital workplace for efficient, secure solutions.

Spectra Logic

Spectra Logic Vail integrates with Veritas to elevate storage and data protection for seamless, efficient management.


StackIT and Veritas work together to deliver robust storage and protection, enhancing data management efficiency.


SUSE and Veritas collaborate to seamlessly unify S3 storage and protection for optimized data management.


VAST and Veritas collaborate to provide data storage efficiency, optimizing performance and scalability.


VMware and Veritas provide enhanced virtualization and data management to power agile IT environments.


Wasabi and Veritas collaborate to provide cost-effective cloud storage and robust data management for peak performance.


Zadara and Veritas connect to deliver scalable, secure storage solutions for seamless data management.

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