Optimize cybersecurity for healthcare to protect patient data.

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Protect healthcare data and delivery with multi-layered cybersecurity.

The healthcare industry handles huge volumes of sensitive information, which makes it a top target for ransomware and malware attacks. In addition, the industry operates in a highly complex regulatory environment, creating a critical need for powerful data management and protection solutions at enterprise-scale. 

Cybersecurity for Healthcare: By the Numbers

The cost of healthcare data breaches has increased more than 50% in just three years, making it the industry with the highest related costs.


Percentage of healthcare cyber attacks resulting in loss of revenue.*


Average cost to remediate a ransomware attack in healthcare.*


Typical cost to address a data breach for healthcare.**

Focus on data protection and cybersecurity for healthcare.

Streamline Protection

Reduce attack surfaces with unified backup tools and recovery optimization features.

Optimize for Compliance

Integrate intelligence to streamline access, deliver insight, and meet regulations.

Reinforce Resilience

Deploy flexible recovery options to ensure availability of data and clinical applications.

Streamline data security to protect patient information.

Healthcare systems manage a lot of information, from clinical data and medical imaging to patient accounts. Veritas solutions help secure and protect data while simplifying backup and reducing vulnerabilities.

  • Automate data management to mitigate attack risk, data loss, and unauthorized data extraction
  • Optimize your ecosystem for flexible, orchestrated recovery at scale
  • Leverage a unified dashboard for a full overview of your environment
  • Take advantage of management features like a security health meter and ransomware scorecard
  • Monitor access and protect against compromised credentials, the most common ransomware entry point for healthcare

Manage your data and optimize compliance.

Ensuring compliance and mitigating risk requires a true understanding of the data you manage. By providing tools that help you better capture and visualize information, Veritas gives you greater control over data protection.

  • Monitor, capture, and archive all clinical data to ensure alignment with HIPAA, HITECH, GDPR, privacy laws, and other regulations
  • Educate employees about safe practices to enforce data protection and security requirements across your organization
  • Capture data in a single platform to visualize patient data, address security issues, and govern the data lifecycle
  • Automate your classification processes and gain operational efficiencies

Stay resilient and ensure data availability.

Healthcare is a 24x7 industry. There’s no room for a lapse in data availability. Take steps to be sure data and clinical applications are always on and recoverable.

  • Deploy flexible, hybrid, and simplified recovery solutions that get you back up and running quickly, even at scale
  • Test, automate, and exercise full-scale recovery for multi-tiered applications
  • Deploy AI and machine learning to alert for anomalous data and user behaviors and leverage malware scans to ensure recovery of clean data
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British National Health Service Eliminates Threats

NetBackup enables NHS to recover from data-loss scenarios and protects against ransomware threats.

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