Veritas Alta™ eDiscovery

End-to-end eDiscovery as a service in the cloud.

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Optimize your eDiscovery workflow with a single solution.

The scale and complexity of eDiscovery requirements can’t be solved with a grab bag of point products. Veritas Alta™ eDiscovery is a powerful, integrated, cloud-based solution that enables organizations to easily collect, review, and produce electronically stored information for legal and investigation needs. It’s a higher level of performance and efficiency that gives compliance professionals greater peace of mind.


A proven end-to-end solution for cloud-based eDiscovery.

Journal What Matters

Be proactive about regulatory compliance with journal archiving of sensitive data.

Collect Anything

Easily manage discovery with defensible collections from any content source.

Review Efficiently

Obtain fast, accurate results with purpose-built review and upstream eDiscovery.

Collect from any communication channel.

Achieve end-to-end SaaS eDiscovery from the start with reactive collection of the most relevant data sources to your business.

  • Seamless integration with industry-leading Veritas Alta™ Capture
  • Defensible and targeted Electronic Discovery Reference Model (EDRM) collections from 120+ content sources for collaboration, chat, social media, voice communication, and more
  • Metadata enrichment of collected data for unique early case assessment

Enhance eDiscovery with powerful cloud archiving.

Archive in a single, scalable, and searchable online repository within our secure multi-tenant data centers.

  • Broad range of deployment options—on-premises, hybrid, own tenant, and native tenant multi-SaaS
  • Seamless migration ability from Enterprise Vault and other on-premises environments to cloud solutions such as Veritas Alta™ Archiving
  • Locate relevant data quickly for discovery, supervision, privacy, and legal challenges
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What's new in Veritas Alta eDiscovery

  • Targeted Collections allow collection from multiple Enterprise Vault environment 
  • Ability to apply Case Tags to the existing coding workflow
  • Export enhancements, including “Original Format” option in eDiscovery
  • Case document and Defensible Production enhancements
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Perform advanced early case assessment and review.

Stay ahead of potential legal and investigation issues with purpose-built review and upstream eDiscovery as a service.

  • Leverage metadata enrichment to reduce case sizes
  • Collaboration view for Teams, Slack, and more
  • Files view for OneDrive, Box, and more
  • 2-second or less response time for searches

Utilize flexible, user-friendly export options.

Allow designated reviewers and administrators to easily perform self-service, online exports of search results.

  • Export in EML, PST, and JSON formats
  • Name and password protect exports for additional security
  • Produce relevant data with reactions, in legally defensible production formats

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