Zombie Ice Will Not Return

apple.news/A4bS7lqHOQeqbozqWrx502Q Glacial ice melt in Greenland alone means sea water levels will rise from at least 3 inches to more than 10 inches by the end of this century. If I live my expected life span of 10pm years, I will have witnessed sea level changes that alter the costs and borders of the globe.Continue reading “Zombie Ice Will Not Return”

Antarctica ice loss is higher than previously thought.

apple.news/AC0nSsJzWQfCOCESm-9rHSQ Glaciers in Antarctica are crumbling at a faster pace, with mess less new ice cover than needed to sustain the glaciers. Glacial ice locks up water, protecting the sea level from rising. As glaciers on the southernmost continent melt, sea levels rise, causing coastal flooding throughout the world.

The Arctic has warmed nearly four times faster than the globe since 1979 | Communications Earth & Environment

In recent decades, the warming in the Arctic has been much faster than in the rest of the world, a phenomenon known as Arctic amplification. Numerous studies report that the Arctic is warming either twice, more than twice, or even three times as fast as the globe on average. Here we show, by using severalContinue reading “The Arctic has warmed nearly four times faster than the globe since 1979 | Communications Earth & Environment”

1922 Report Was Altered Later

apple.news/Atnm2nd_PT-iazyqcRz14nQ Although a report about Arctic climate change was filed by the U.S. government in 1922, a later addition seemed to predict rising sea levels and the flooding of cities. This addition has nothing to do with the original report. Also, great short video about endangered polar bears. We will continue to lose sea iceContinue reading “1922 Report Was Altered Later”

Glaciers Melting

apple.news/A8GtFNxAGSMuXfP9uZUpH9g “Scientists have been worried about Greenland’s glaciers melting for years now, especially because the Arctic is warming up faster than anywhere else on earth due to climate change. Last August, it rained for the first time in recorded history over the Greenland Summit Camp, a research station that’s near the frozen top of theContinue reading “Glaciers Melting”

The Discussion Needs More Voices

apple.news/ACxtId-HGTi2Ux5uwZCh7DQ I’ve been saying it for a while. Maybe for ten years. Indigenous and local voices need to be heard about climate crisis. Indigenous people know the history of the land and the water. And they are the ones living in climate crisis right now. It isn’t a matter of anxiety about the future, butContinue reading “The Discussion Needs More Voices”