1922 Report Was Altered Later

apple.news/Atnm2nd_PT-iazyqcRz14nQ Although a report about Arctic climate change was filed by the U.S. government in 1922, a later addition seemed to predict rising sea levels and the flooding of cities. This addition has nothing to do with the original report. Also, great short video about endangered polar bears. We will continue to lose sea iceContinue reading “1922 Report Was Altered Later”

Glaciers Melting

apple.news/A8GtFNxAGSMuXfP9uZUpH9g “Scientists have been worried about Greenland’s glaciers melting for years now, especially because the Arctic is warming up faster than anywhere else on earth due to climate change. Last August, it rained for the first time in recorded history over the Greenland Summit Camp, a research station that’s near the frozen top of theContinue reading “Glaciers Melting”

The Discussion Needs More Voices

apple.news/ACxtId-HGTi2Ux5uwZCh7DQ I’ve been saying it for a while. Maybe for ten years. Indigenous and local voices need to be heard about climate crisis. Indigenous people know the history of the land and the water. And they are the ones living in climate crisis right now. It isn’t a matter of anxiety about the future, butContinue reading “The Discussion Needs More Voices”

Creation and Restoration, pt 2

Creation and Restoration, Part 2 Sacred Is All the Earth The Creator – God in the Christian Bible – has made the universe, the entities of space, and, from the perspective of humanity – the Earth. All of the Earth is ordered into its nature. And God put humanity into the new creation, to abide.Continue reading “Creation and Restoration, pt 2”

Creation and Restoration

Creation and Restoration, Genesis, Part 1 This is the first moment, the moment of happening. All that exists in that moment of happening is God and the waters. The waters are plural; there are many waters, of different natures. It is all in darkness. The Spirit of God sees the darkness, as the darkness, too,Continue reading “Creation and Restoration”

Quick Look at Brave New Arctic: the Untold Truth of the Melting North, by Mark C. Serreze

Serreze is a scientist. He has spent decades studying the Arctic ice. This is a book written in general science terms, accessible to the casual reader with a good science background. The above figure impressed me – in the time from the beginning of GPS surveys (1959) to an ASTER image in 2015, these iceContinue reading “Quick Look at Brave New Arctic: the Untold Truth of the Melting North, by Mark C. Serreze”