Polar Bears Turn to Garbage to Survive

apple.news/ASenHgglBTKCeC736lfLnBQ Better waste management in the North will prevent polar bears from turning to human made trash for survival. They then will adapt in other ways, such as hunting on land instead of at sea. Conflict has happened, and will continue. The direct cause of polar bear scavenging is the loss of sea ice dueContinue reading “Polar Bears Turn to Garbage to Survive”

apple.news/AIHv_vqlqTsqa9zk8UC_QgA Humans no longer have a demanding need for whale products. We have electric light, beef, and no-meat proteins. Whale bone and ivory have been replaced with synthetic materials that are safer to use. Whaling was always difficult and dangerous work. It was romanticized in fiction, film and song. The hunt took its toll ofContinue reading

Ecological Evil

The Root of All Ecological Evil My Big Man said one day, “Where do climate deniers think the carbon emissions go?” He described the earth’s atmosphere as a glass dome, such as a biosphere. If the inhabitants of the biosphere build fires, where will the smoke go? It isn’t going to pass through the glassContinue reading “Ecological Evil”

Quick Look at Brave New Arctic: the Untold Truth of the Melting North, by Mark C. Serreze

Serreze is a scientist. He has spent decades studying the Arctic ice. This is a book written in general science terms, accessible to the casual reader with a good science background. The above figure impressed me – in the time from the beginning of GPS surveys (1959) to an ASTER image in 2015, these iceContinue reading “Quick Look at Brave New Arctic: the Untold Truth of the Melting North, by Mark C. Serreze”