Alaska’s Cold Climate Housing Research Center is rethinking how the Circumpolar North builds

The nonprofit Cold Climate Housing Research Center is building sustainable, hardy housing for those living in extreme conditions.
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As the climate crisis drives change in the polar regions, Arctic building design has to adapt, including looking back at traditional styles and techniques.

Census results show galloping population drain in Russia’s North | The Independent Barents Observer

The population of Murmansk, Arkhangelsk and other northern regions might be ten percent less that anticipated.
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Declining northern populations affect the political interest in the Arctic. As population shifts south, indigenous ways of life are lost, oil companies have fewer restraints on exploitation of the region, and more stress is placed on urban areas accommodating immigrants.

Fur and Indigenous Economy

‘Chloe Dragon Smith and Robert Grandjambe want people to understand that trapping is an integral part of Indigenous life in northern Canada. “All that we are and what we have comes from the land, and trapping is one way we respect that,” says Dragon Smith.’

Full disclosure: I wear fur. All of my fur is vintage. I have sheep and reindeer pelts as furnishing. I am a Northerner and fur has always been part of our culture for warmth and protection.