Glaciers Melting

“Scientists have been worried about Greenland’s glaciers melting for years now, especially because the Arctic is warming up faster than anywhere else on earth due to climate change. Last August, it rained for the first time in recorded history over the Greenland Summit Camp, a research station that’s near the frozen top of the ice sheet. That same summer, enough ice melted in one day to cover the entire state of Florida.”

Polar Bears Turn to Garbage to Survive

Better waste management in the North will prevent polar bears from turning to human made trash for survival. They then will adapt in other ways, such as hunting on land instead of at sea. Conflict has happened, and will continue.

The direct cause of polar bear scavenging is the loss of sea ice due to warming in the Arctic, the result of the climate crisis.

The Discussion Needs More Voices

I’ve been saying it for a while. Maybe for ten years. Indigenous and local voices need to be heard about climate crisis. Indigenous people know the history of the land and the water.

And they are the ones living in climate crisis right now. It isn’t a matter of anxiety about the future, but a matter of life and death for people living with constant extreme weather.

The privileged world needs to shut up and listen.