As oceans and atmosphere temperatures rise, weather will become even more volatile and intense. Storms will become more frequent and extreme. It took two hundred years of industrialization to reach this point of disaster and crisis. Ending the use of petroleum based fuels today will begin the reverse.

Calling for an end to drilling “Ukraine’s own delegate to the IPCC has publicly criticized the world’s continuing dependence on fossil fuels as a cause of continuing Russian aggression that will only make climate change worse. In a world facing increasingly severe climate impacts that threaten the lives and livelihoods of millions of people, and which will help drive futureContinue reading “Calling for an end to drilling”

Protection of Wolves Reinstated by Federal Judge The previous presidential administration removed wolf protections. As a result, culling took more than its quota by almost twice; half of some populations were lost. The Ojibwa Nation forfeited their traditional hunt because of the overkill. Now a U.S. federal judge has restored protections.