Whales and Lobsters I am a Maine native. My sons were born in Rockport and Camden. I love lobster. I am also a sailor, and have spent many days sailing alongside whales. Humans, lobsters and whales all have to share the same waters. Lobster fishers will have to adapt and the industry will have to develop better…

Fire Tornado …Which is a tornado generated by wildfires. The phenomenon was first witnessed in 2003 in Australia. So I’m archiving this here for the curious.

Plastic and Climate Toxicity …the nonprofit advocacy group Beyond Plastics calculated that the US plastics industry is on track to produce more climate pollution per year than domestic coal-fired power plants by 2030. The news doesn’t get better. Again, science works to explain why things happen, but any sailor or farmer could have told the scientists this was happening.

Zombie Ice Will Not Return Glacial ice melt in Greenland alone means sea water levels will rise from at least 3 inches to more than 10 inches by the end of this century. If I live my expected life span of 10pm years, I will have witnessed sea level changes that alter the costs and borders of the globe.…

Antarctica ice loss is higher than previously thought. Glaciers in Antarctica are crumbling at a faster pace, with mess less new ice cover than needed to sustain the glaciers. Glacial ice locks up water, protecting the sea level from rising. As glaciers on the southernmost continent melt, sea levels rise, causing coastal flooding throughout the world.


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