Flourishing Flora Indicates Climate Crisis

apple.news/AYB_9qpPaRpqeB-Fcsv8WGw The spread of these species will cause changes in soil acidity, the bacteria and fungi in the soil, and in how organic matter decomposes. Changes in soil chemistry, as well as degradation of permafrost, will cause a cascade of changes, with “consequences on all components of terrestrial ecosystems”, said Cannone. These native plant speciesContinue reading “Flourishing Flora Indicates Climate Crisis”

Shell Stopped Before Marine Life Disrupted

apple.news/AtlEdijEiRfarW-K-BFPnpw Most polar crisis news focuses on the Arctic, with its human cultures, diverse mega-fauna, and record-breaking weather disasters. The southern polar and oceanic regions are also under crisis. Mineral and petroleum extraction from seabeds can lead to mass destruction of ecosystems. Indigenous people have vital reasons to halt this destruction.

The polar bears that threatened Arctic oilmen are removed | The Independent Barents Observer

Two cubs had found a home around Gazprom’s far northern Kharasavey field installations. Now they have been exiled to a remote national park. — Read on thebarentsobserver.com/en/arctic-industry-and-energy/2022/02/polar-bears-threatened-arctic-oilmen-are-removed

apple.news/AIHv_vqlqTsqa9zk8UC_QgA Humans no longer have a demanding need for whale products. We have electric light, beef, and no-meat proteins. Whale bone and ivory have been replaced with synthetic materials that are safer to use. Whaling was always difficult and dangerous work. It was romanticized in fiction, film and song. The hunt took its toll ofContinue reading

The Old Ways

apple.news/AmhayJ0wORq-Jmjpy6gXGSg I am educated in these old ways; I was the curator of an historic museum in the north. We had a reel shot in the early 1970s of local men cutting ice on the lake using the tools their fathers and grandfathers used. Cutting and storing ice wasn’t some desperate measure; it was partContinue reading “The Old Ways”