Right Whales and Eight Fishing


Offshore space is under competition between conservationists and lobster fishers. Climate crisis affects the temperature of coastal waters. Warmer waters mean lobsters move to deeper, colder waters. Lobster boats need to seek farther out for their product. Right whales were hunted almost to extinction by whaling ships in times past, and only about 340 exist. Both the fishers and the whales are endangered.

I’m from Maine, and lobster was a common family food when we all gathered, along with clams and mussels. Kettles were put on fires, or on the wood-fired cook stove. Bushels of shellfish was steamed for a large family party, with seaweed provided by the fishmonger to enhance the flavor. I still love lobster, but I rarely eat it anymore. If I am back home in Maine, I make sure I have some, but now it is too expensive to buy in the Midwest, and it is a vacation treat back home.

We know that the loss of whales, species and individuals, affects the health of the ocean. The fishing industry, the governments that have jurisdiction, and conservationists are working to solve this problem.

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